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Abbas verso il trionfo
נחום 28 Ott 2011 00:50
a modo suo, ovviamente
Abbas says he'll reveal something "important and dangerous" soon

Palestinian Arab media are buzzing about a dark hint that Mahmoud
Abbas gave in an interview with an Egyptian newspaper that he will
reveal something "important and dangerous" that is happening soon.

There is some speculation that when the UN Security Council bid for
statehood is defeated, and because of the inability of Fatah to
successfully negotiate any elections with Hamas, together with Abbas'
repeated promises not to run in any new elections for president of the
PA, that Abbas may dissolve the PA altogether.

In fact, Saeb Erekat hinted at this yesterday, telling Palestine Ra
"Either there is power to the movement of Palestinians from occupation
to independence, or Netanyahu has to assume [Israel's]
responsibilities seriously from the river to the sea."

Isn't that how people who crave independence act - by dissolving all
the existing autonomy they have?

A move like this would have a number of benefits for Abbas. He would
remain the leader of the PLO, which would remain the only recognized
representative of Palestinian Arabs. Also, he wouldn't have to worry
about a Hamas takeover in any election, something he is clearly
worried about since he is avoiding the elections that he promised for
"after September."

But the downside is pretty bad for Abbas as well. It is hard to
imagine the world pressuring Israel to fully take over Areas A and B,
let alone Gaza. There could be a serious backlash against the entire
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