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"accept our apologies"
נחום 28 Ott 2011 10:56
qualcosa di strano sta accadendo alla BBC

n 6 July I complained to the BBC about their publishing of two maps
that deliberately mislead people about Gazas borders.

Heres the first map and note the lack of the word Egypt and the way
that there is no differentiation between Israel and Egypt in terms of
colour as there would be in any normal map (I believe mapmakers
usually work to a three colour rule)

On 17 August the BBC responded thus:

NewsOnline Complaints to me

Mr Goat,
Thank you for your e-mail and please accept our apologies for the
delay in replying. The first map is not intended to be an accurate
geographic or political representation but to show the location of
Gaza and where this particular incident happened. Had Egypt been
involved in any way in this story, the map would have included Egypt.

The same applies to the second map, which illustrates a story
about Israel and Lebanon. This map also does not name Saudi Arabia,
which is also not mentioned in the report. In a story about England we
might show an appropriate map, but it might not be necessary to name
Scotland and Wales if they were not relevant to that particular

Best wishes,

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